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3W Fire Rated Downlight Satin Chrome(GU10 Spotlight Included on Kit)

3W Fire Rated Downlight Chrome(GU10 Spotlight Included on Kit)



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Dimmable option Available

This is a chrome Fire rated downlight with 3W led spotlight included on the Kit and it is equivalent to 35W of halogeen light. The specific downlight is fire and accoustic rated and has built in protection against the spread of fire and noice polution. Also includes 90 minutes fire rated protection (Part "E" compliant for accoustics) and the body is ventilated for optimum operating temperature with intumescent material that seals the downlight in case of fire.
This fire rated downlight finished in chrome offers a complete kit with a 3 Watt LED GU10 bulb included producing the equivalent of a 35 Watt halogen bulb but reducing your energy usage by up to 90%. Working from a 240V mains supply the high powered GU10 LED bulb produces a brightness of 360 lumens from three Watt powerful light emitting diodes available in warm and cool whites.

Meeting the required fire safety standards, the 3 watt fire rated LED downlight in chrome Finish is CE certified, RoHs compliant and IP20 rated making it suitable for indoor use. In addition, the downlight is compliant with an Acoustic Rating with the building regulations Approved Document E protecting against noise pollution. Ventilation provided to the body of the fire rated downlight in chrome finish ensures an optimal operating temperature sealed with an intumescent material providing fire safety protection for 90 minutes between the undersides of the ceiling and associated void area against the spread of fire.

With colour temperatures of 2800 or 6500 Kelvin from the cool and warm white colour options the 3 Watt fire rated downlight in chrome Finish can be used to highlight an area of a property or be used as mood lighting with a 60 degree beam angle emulating that of a halogen bulb. Warm white lights can be used in the dining room, bedroom, hallway, cellar or to light alcoves and recesses whereas cool white lights are typically used to light kitchens. This downlight isn’t restricted to residential usage as it can also be used in showrooms, supermarkets, offices and shops where a bright and powerful light is required. This downlight can be bought as a fixed downlight or one with an adjustable downlight beam as well as one with a dimmable option.

Built to a very high standard, the 3W LED fire rated downlight in chrome is not only a high quality product but ensures the product has a long lifespan of an average 50,000 hours before needing replaced. If used on average for 8 hours per day this works out to a lifespan of 15 to 20 years – an improvement of 10 times that of a typical incandescent halogen light bulb. This 3 Watt LED fire rated downlight in chrome will not only save you a significant amount of money but will reduce waste and save on the energy used to produce halogen bulbs benefitting the environment too.

The 3W Fire Rated Downlight Kit  produces a brilliant  colour making it great for mood lighting or highlighting aspects of a property.  It is great for use in homes or indeed in show rooms, offices and shops that would benefit from powerful and colourful lighting.

Each lamp is built to a high standard ensuring quality and a long lifespan that will give you on average 50,000 hours of use before needing any replacement.  That equates to 15 to 20 years of average use of around 8 hours per day and drastically improves on the average lifespan of a typical incandescent halogen bulb.  On top of this, it comes with a full five year warranty.

Please note: If you choose the dimmable version, make sure that the dimmer switch has minimum load 10W. Do not use the products with standard halogen dimmers. For suitable dimmers please visit this page here .

Building Regulations Compliance :

  • Fire Rating Tested on BS476 parts 21,22,23
  • Fire Safety on 30,60 and 90 minute ceilings
  • Accousting Rating in compliance with the building regulations Approved Document E
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3:1195 & BE EN ISO 140-6:1998

Specifications :

Finish:  Chrome
Height of Can: 105mm
Overal Height Including Terminal block: 130mm
Diameter: 85 mm
Diameter of Can: 55mm
Cut out Hole Size: Fixed 65mm / Tilt : 75mm


VoltageVoltage: 240V

WattageWattage:  3 Watt

EquivalentEquivalent: 35W

BaseBase: Led Downlight(Firerated)

DimmableDimmable: Available

IP RatedIP Rated: IP20

DiameterDiameter: 85 mm

LengthLength: 130mm

CertificateCertificate: CE / RoHS

ColourColour: Cool /Warm White

LumensLumens: 360 Lm

Colour TemperatureColour Temperature: 2800k/6500K

Beam AngleBeam Angle: 60 Degrees

Working TemperatureWorking Temp:-40 ~+60 °C

WeightWeight: 110 grams

MaterialMaterial: Aluminum

LifeLifespan: 50.000 Hrs

WarrantyWarranty: 5 Years


very good product at a very reasonable price just what i was looking for


The lights are of a very strong construction and they arrived exactly on the time the courier stated he would be at my address . Will buy more if I need more down lighters.


Very Good!


Good quality lights, easy to fit. Excellent value for money.