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Led Downlights

LED downlights tend to look very modern and stylish and therefore by installing them in a room, you can instantly give a fresh look and feel while also benefitting from the extra light that these LED downlights can bring.  This can be a double bonus in rooms that are beginning to look a bit old and drab and also happen to be quite dim and poorly lit.  They are especially good in rooms that do not tend to get much natural daylight.  This could be rooms that are sheltered, such as rear garden room that is covered with shadow due to maybe a large tree, shed or high fence.  Alternatively, it could be a room that simply doesn’t have much natural light because it doesn’t have much window space, such as a bathroom which often has only a very small window, an obscured window or even no window at all!  Alternatively, it may be a room with plenty of windows but maybe it just doesn’t get much light exposure due to being north facing or obscured by other homes across the street and so on.

Either way, these sorts of rooms really can see a dramatic revival through the use of LED downlights.  People will instantly comment on how much brighter the room seems and how much more enjoyable it is being in there.  People will often feel that you have changed much more than just the lighting.  This is because that the new quality light can make colours look brighter and lines look more defined.  So, all of a sudden, that wallpaper that previously seemed like it may be a bit grubby or boring, suddenly becomes bright and striking and looks brand new with Led downlights.  Alternatively, mirrors and features look bolder, stand out more and attract the eye.  So, you really can find yourself in a position where you have totally revived and refreshed a room all through just using a better quality light source and with the very minimum of expenditure use Led Dowmlights.

Toma G9 Base Luminaire | IP20 | 230V

CODE: 1020

£7.95   £3.73 (Including tax)
In stock

The base of the product is G9, it can be put on side wall and ceiling. The product has IP20 protection.

GU10 base luminaire | IP20 | 230V

CODE: 7085

£9.10   £4.34 (Including tax)
In stock

The product can be put on side wall and ceiling, it has GU10 socket.The product ha IP20 protection. It can used in offices, premises, any room of the house etc.

Sonda GU10 Base Luminaire | IP20 | 230V

CODE: 4795

£24.15   £6.18
In stock

The socket of the product is GU10, this product can put on side wall and ceiling. It has IP44 protection.

Movable interior wall and ceiling luminaire with square shade

CODE: 7110

£8.39   £6.42 (Including tax)
In stock

The item is square shade and moveable. It can used in offices, premises,  and  any room of the house etc.The socket of the product is G9 and it has IP20 protection.

Uplighting interior wall luminaire with steel plate base and glass shade

CODE: 7130

£2,770.00   £7.94 (Including tax)
In stock

The socket of the product is G9.
The product is made of steel and the dome is made of glass.