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G4 Led Bulbs

G4 LED bulbs are designed to be a direct replacement for incandescent halogen bulbs which you often see used in downlighting and in spotlights.  These halogen bulbs are usually very bright and produce a focused beam of light which makes them very beneficial for areas in and around the home that will benefit from focused brighter light.  Typical examples are within the bathroom where spotlighting is often used all around the ceiling to help provide bright illumination, or is at least used in areas such as above the mirror where extra light is required to make the applying of makeup easier or make it nice and bright to see when you are having a shave.

G4 LED bulbs look slightly different to halogen bulbs, but don’t let this put you off.  They still fit directly into your existing light fittings and are still capable of providing exactly the same level of illumination, or, if you prefer, they can provide less or more light than you get from your current halogen bulbs.

G4 LED bulbs will directly fit in just as a standard bulb.  This means that you can remove your halogen bulbs as you would normally and then simply slot in the G4 LED bulbs in exactly the same way as if you were replacing it with another halogen bulb.  There is no complicated routines, no changing over of power supplies and no changing your fittings.  These will fit in seconds and start giving you the instant rewards that are associated with G4 LED bulbs such as a much longer lifespan and incredible reductions on the amount of energy that they use.

G4 LED bulbs work by using clusters of individual LED’s, also known as Light Emitting Diodes.  They have many options so that they can replace the various different types of halogen bulbs out there.  For example, there are back pin fitting and side pin fittings to allow more flexibility of where they are placed.  You will also find varying colour temperatures such as bright white, warm white and even some coloured options if that is what you require.