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G9 Led Bulbs

G9 base LED lights are designed to replace G9 light bulbs and have a wide voltage range from 85 volts up to 265 volts.  This means that they are incredibly dynamic and you will often be able to find a G9 base LED light that suits your needs perfectly and is a direct replacement for your existing incandescent lighting in your home.

 Forget about LED lights only being able to send light in one direction as well.  G9 lights can have multidirectional light with the use of individual LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) placed on all sides of the bulb and on the top as well.  For example, a typical G9 Based LED light may have 6 forward firing LED’s and 30 side firing LED’s, meaning that light is fired in all directions to easily fill a room, just in the same way as a normal incandescent light bulb would.

There is also an option of colours and shades with the most common being classic white, daylight white or warm white, allowing you to choose the particular hue of light that you desire.  Some prefer a warmer colour which is ideal for rooms that you relax in or entertain in such as a dining room or living room.  Alternatively, many people opt for G9 base LED lights that have the daylight white hue for rooms where clearer, bolder light is required such as in the kitchen or in the bathroom.  In fact, G9 base LED lights can easily be used as a replacement for bright halogen bulbs and spotlights because they can shine so bright and white and therefore many people actually ditch the old halogen bulbs and replace them with G9 based LED lights.

The chances are that you may well be replacing nothing other than an accent light with G9 base LED lights and therefore you will not need super-bright lights anyway.  This makes LED lights an even more appealing option as their low power usage means that they can be left on for far longer without any worry about them getting hot, using excess power, damaging the environment or using up their lifespan too quickly. 


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