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LED strips are often used in commercial situations.  For example, if you have ever seen nice neat lines of lights leading up the stairs in a restaurant then these are probably LED strips.  If you have been in a bar and seen nice colourful rows of lights along a bar, then there is also a good chance that these are LED strips.  They are also often seen in shop fronts and shop windows and are used so regularly because they are a quick and easy way of installing neat, evenly spaced rows of lights that can all be controlled from one switch and have the benefits of using light emitting diodes which includes high energy efficiency, a low cost to run, a low carbon footprint and a very long lifespan.

However, LED strips are not only reserved for commercial use and in fact, more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of using LED strips at home around the house.  This is because, although they are often commercially used, they do not necessarily command commercial prices.  They are very affordable and can be bought in low quantities that suit your own needs rather than the huge needs that you may expect of a commercial property.  The fact that they use very little energy is also a big benefit meaning that you can get commercial quality lighting without having to worry about paying commercial size energy bills!  In fact, LED strips use Light Emitting Diodes which only use around 10% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use, meaning that they use very little energy indeed!

LED strips can be bought individually and used individually or you can use them to piece together entire rows of lights.  Therefore, these can look great in various areas of your home.  For example, try using them running up your stairs for a really impressive look that literally everyone will be talking about when they come round to visit.  You can even get the lights to “chase each other” up the stairs, almost creating an moving escalator look up your very own flight of stairs while also providing a bit of illumination for those nights where you don’t wish to have the main lights on but want some level of illumination over the stairs for safety.


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