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Led Floodlights

LED floodlights has tackled all the problems that incandescent bulbs have while still helping to produce the good things that normal incandescent floodlights  do.  For example, LED floodlights still produce plenty of light and in the same sorts of quantities as incandescent lighting (measured in lumens) and they still fit into the same light fittings and sockets that you currently use, meaning that there is no need to go and spend a small fortune replacing all your favourite light fittings.  However, at the same time, LED floodlights have gotten rid of that annoyingly short life span that incandescent floodlights have that sees us all constantly changing floodlights and having to have small stocks of emergency replacements hidden away for the next unexpected moment when we are plunged into darkness due to another filament failing!

LED floodlights also waves goodbye to all that heat energy that is wasted in incandescent bulbs.  By being more efficient, LED floodlights can help to drastically reduce your monthly energy bills and can also help to reduce your carbon footprint, helping to ease the effects of climate change and to improve our environment.

LED floodlights only loses around 20% of its energy in heat, compared to as much as 80% in incandescent floodlights .  That, put quite simply, means that you can put a lot less energy in to LED floodlights than you do in incandescent lighting, to produce exactly the same levels of light.