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There was a time when LED lighting was reserved for a small few in the know and was mainly used commercially due to the vast range of flexibility in LED lighting (such as LED strips) and their well-known energy efficiency which meant that large commercial areas that had high lighting costs and energy charges could effectively cut these outgoings quite significantly without losing any illumination.

The only time that you may have used LED lighting yourself in the past was possibly the small LED lights that you see used as standby lights and indicator lights, such as the little green or red standby light that you may well have on your television set, stereo or even washing machine or dishwasher.  These individual Light Emitting Diodes were, at one time, the most common form of seeing LED lighting, but this has since changed over recent years to produce much more functional, bright and energy efficient lighting solutions that can be used in a whole variety of ways, locations and types of properties.

So, who uses LED lighting today?  Well, the answer is that pretty much anyone and everyone can use LED lighting nowadays thanks to the clever designs that has used multiple Light Emitting Diodes in bulb forms that can be used in conventional light fittings in pretty much any modern building, from factories and warehouses, through to shops and offices, through to our own houses and flats.  And, there’s pretty much an LED lighting solution for any room or light fitting that you may have.  So, whether you be looking for a replace LED ceiling light, a new bulb for your lamp, or new spotlights in the bathroom, there are LED lighting alternatives that are available right now that will retrofit directly into your light fittings to give you the same levels of light and functionality while drastically cutting your energy usage.

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